How to Contribute

Want to contribute to the SCP Foundation? Well, you've come to the right place! Before you get started, though, please make sure you've done the following:

  1. Be sure to read the Site Rules, Guide for Newcomers and Guide for Writers. You should also be aware of the site license (CC BY-SA 3.0), which will apply to any original work you post on the site.
  2. Apply for membership to the SCP Wiki.
  3. It's strongly recommended that you visit the Idea Forums or our IRC Chat to get feedback on your core concept before writing your first draft. Only drafts based on "Greenlit" ideas can be posted on the Drafts Forum.
  4. We also recommend that you read guides and essays relevant to your idea, to get some general advice from experienced authors.
  5. Join the SCP Sandbox Wiki to create a space for your drafts.
  6. Once you have a draft written, we advise you to get further critique on the Drafts Forum or our IRC Chat before posting it onto the site.

SCP Articles

SCP Articles are the heart of the Foundation, a series of technical articles describing the various anomalous objects, entities, and phenomena contained by the Foundation. For information on how to write and submit a SCP Article to the currently open series, please read How to Write an SCP.

Some articles use the SCP format, but with a different intent. Explained SCPs are about objects or phenomena that are no longer considered anomalous. Joke SCPs use the SCP format as the setup for a joke.

There are also various Collaboration Pages open to short contributions from any site member, including logs for descriptions of anomalous Items, Events and Locations that don't warrant a full SCP article.

Tales, GoI Formats, Other Articles

If SCP Articles are the heart of the Foundation, then Tales are its soul. Tales can be anything from formal reports to narrative short stories to poetry, exploring some aspect of the Foundation, its personnel, or other topics or events within the Foundation universe.

GoI Formats are documents written from the perspective of a Group of Interest, who each approach the anomalous in their own unique way.

You can create a tale, GoI format, or any other type of page (including hub pages and essays) by typing the page title into the box below, then clicking "Create Page".

Artists and Artwork

The SCP wiki isn't just for writing - you're also welcome to upload your own Artwork. There are two ways to do this - you can create an artist page as a gallery for your entire portfolio, or you can create individual artwork pages for specific works or collections of works. Read How to Post Your Art to the SCP Wiki for more information.

To create your artist or artwork page, simply type the title of the page into the box below, then click "Create Art Page". These pages will automatically be created in the "art:" category.

Translations of Articles

If you want to contribute by translating from English into another language, you'll need to become a member of that branch's wiki - a list of officially recognised branches can be found on the main page.

If there isn't an official branch yet, you can post translations on the Language Incubator. If you have any questions, feel free to ask on the SCP International Discord.

English translations of articles originally written in other languages can be posted on this wiki - just follow the instructions on the SCP International Hub. Translations can also be posted on the International Translation Archive.

New Page

You can use this form to create a generic page:

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